Alex Markovich. Muse

For two years he had painted nothing.

To be exact, there were some orders from the clients – but those were mainly portraits. That was of necessity, not inspiration.

Clark constantly was recollecting that day when he finished drawing his masterpiece.

In the span of five days Clark became world famous. His picture, which he dedicated to his dearest woman, who recently left him, was honoured with many rewards from the Arts Academy; interviews to the top TV world channels, endless exhibitions – being 33 Clark could never have dreamt of such acclaim.

He was just a regular artist: no titles, no awards, no regalia. Not even an exhibition. A hundred bucks for a picture was about the best he could hope for.

And suddenly… Not going into details, as it happens with creative people, inspiration has come.

Inspiration, strangely enough, is apt to come at times of great joy AND great sorrow; in this case, the loss of his love.

Following the completion of his latest picture, presented at the street sale, a famous critic, Michael Brugger was greatly impressed, and gave rave reviews. A change of fortune, perhaps!

But alas, there are many “one shot artists”. Clark was one of them.

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