Ilya Fostiy. Terra VIII

The High god was in a rage. How he hated the Programmers! It was they, who two thousand years ago had insisted on the whole reboot of the system, and it was due to them that mankind began using new chronology and began to worship one of the Programmers and forgot the High god. Now the Programmers decided again to get back to the old stuff: a new project with the code name “Terra VIII” was approved by the Council.

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Фотографии Белгорода. №5

Фотографии Белгорода.

Декабрь 2016.

Кофейня “Калипсо”, Белгород

19 января 2017.


По ссылке мои интервью о кафе и ресторанах Белгорода с позиции копирайтинга.

Рестораны Белгорода:

Кафе Белгорода:

Ilya Fostiy. Is There a God?

Steve was brought up in spirit of a true Catholic: his parents wanted to cultivate love for faith throughout his childhood. They sincerely hoped that he would follow in the footsteps of his uncle, who was the pastor of a local small community church. But Steve, soon after turning nineteen rushed to escape from his home. As a result his parents deeply resented their son, and bore a grudge for a very long time: Steve’s choice, Massachusetts Technological, or as commonly known MTI, was beyond the comprehension of his relatives – even in 2013. In spite of all the technological progress of the mankind, computers were considered as great evil by the family.

Steve was one of the best students: president’s scholarship, high marks, prizes in international competitions – all that in seven years following graduation from the Institute, granted him the position of the Vice-President in one of the world’s biggest corporations. Then, six years later, Steve was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of his company.

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Ilya Fostiy. A Program

This story is a sort of continuation of the “Platypus”, but they are not bound with plot lines.


Ilya Fostiy. A Program.

It’s been almost twelve months since I had a chance to chat with one of the Creators. I was pondering his words, sharing what I heard from him with my friends. After a few such sessions, I noticed that when I related the words of the Creator, it was evoking a rather unusual, but common, response: they became very agitated, and actually started to avoid me. I’m sure that all of you have experienced such a feeling at one time or another.

And I must tell you, even my wife began exhibiting a similar response when I tried to discuss the matter with her – very strange behaviour!

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Новогодняя сказка

Интервью для “Радио России” с режиссёрами и некоторыми актёрами спектакля “Новогодние приключения Петушка – голосистое горлышко”, а также с фотографом Алексеем Марковичем.

Запись 13 января 2017. Эфир 17 января 2017.



Отрывок из интервью, где я делюсь своими впечатлениями о спектакле.

Елена Овчаренко: Белгородский фотограф Алексей Маркович любит бывать на концертах, выставках, театральных постановках. Он завсегдатай культурных событий, которых немало в нашем городе. Премьера спектакля не стала исключением. Только на этот раз мастер объектива использовал свой чудо-аппарат не для фотоснимков, а для видеосъёмки. Что уж говорить о детях, если «Новогодние приключения Петушка – голосистое горлышко» так впечатлили взрослого человека, которого казалось бы уже трудно чем удивить. Своими мыслями и наблюдениями поделился со мной Алексей.

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Фотографии Белгорода. №4

Фотографии Белгорода.

Декабрь 2016.

Ilya Fostiy. Clone

Thirteen year old Ronald loved his grandpa very much. Every Saturday his parents brought him to his grandparents to stay for the whole weekend. Ronald liked listening to his grandpa’s stories, especially about ancient gods; these tales were grandpa’s most vivid and interesting. Ronald was always sitting on the next couch, asking his grandpa to tell another story about Anubis, Osiris, Re, Marduk, etc.

On one particular weekend Ronald was brought as usual by his parents on a Saturday morning and he was jumping with joy that the whole two days he will spend with his grandpa.

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