Alex Markovich. Verdict

The Great Fate was already passing the sentence on him. New form, new thoughts, new emotions, everything new, and completely zero memory. He would remember nothing about his world; and he mustn’t. Everything from a new start, but in a different dimension, about which he knew nothing. To be exact, he did hear, but all that knowledge was under total prohibition, for if anybody got to know anything about that world before or after his return, he would be sent there again, but for a longer and more exhausting period.

That world in their language was called a “prison”. There were many worlds in their universe, but into this so called “prison” were sent the most notorious criminals. Before appearing in that world he knew absolutely everything that would be with him, but getting there he remembered nothing what the Great Fate was reading to him.

Sometimes due to intense overloads of the External System or disorder of the Programmers, the memories of the future events were unclear and he could only “guess” as to the coming events. The paradox was that even knowing what will be coming next and wishing to change something, he was powerless to do so. He was just following the path laid out for him by the Great Fate. All his thoughts, emotions and desires were predetermined by the Great Fate as redemption and punishment for what he had done in his dimension.

Getting into a world which was new to him, the convict had to go through several stages. The stage of formation, learning, maturing, delight, agony, fading, sometimes malnutrition, and then the most painful in the terms of the “prison”, the stage of returning into his own world. Sometimes he was taken back at the earlier stage realizing that he has redeemed his deed, sometimes he was left for a longer period. But in most cases he was taken back earlier in order to send new convicts.

The biggest fun for the Great Fate was upgrading of the “prison”, inventing of new more and more sophisticated ways of keeping the “prisoners”

Living in the “prison’ a convict could not even suspect that all new comers into this “wonderful world” were just the same as he, who were supposed to walk the way of purification for their deeds.

The Great Fate gave his order and the convict, being already in the “prison” felt himself in such a new and for him, perverted condition, that the first thought which came to him was “How to get out of here?”

But the arrogance of the Great Fate consisted of following: before redemption the convict had to stay a certain period in his new forming shell, inside the already formed shell and then in a certain short period of time in “prison” to start the way of purification. For the convict in his own language that was called “redemption”. In the “prison” language this was called “life”.