DIY: Refrigerator magnets to promote your art

An abstract from the talk of Alex Markovich to the students of Art College (Belgorod, Russia). September 2018.

The idea to make refrigerator magnets to promote my art came to me four years ago, in 2014. Let me show how I do it.  I will use my paintings as an example.

1. I scan my paintings. It’s easy to it when it is watercolor, pastels, pencil, etc. If it is oil, photograph your pictures.

2. Then I edit the scanned image to fit the proper size. I print my paintings on professional photo paper using the following standard size of a photo: 4’ x 6’ (10 cm x 15 cm; to be VERY EXACT: 102 mm x 152 mm). The minimal size in pixels: 1181 x 1772 – to save the image quality. I create a jpeg file with the following size of the sides: 2000 x 1333 pixels. To cut a long story short, divide the bigger side to 1.5. Why am I going so deep into these numbers? If you break the ratio, you will either stretch your image while printing or there will be white blank stripes left, and you will have to cut off these stripes. If you follow the rule, you will have a perfect image printed: 4’ x 6’ (10 cm x 15 cm).

Recently I launched the project “Watercolor Miniatures”, so in order to follow the title and to make the pictures look like miniatures; I place two images on one photo. To make these two images fit the photo, just divide the pixels by 2.

I also draw the division line to cut the picture when it is printed.


3. As we talk about promoting your art, add your website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, whatever to your image. I personally add my name and blog URL.


4. In every art shop you can buy adhesive magnets. There are various forms of them: self-adhesive magnetic tape, adhesive sheets, etc. I’ve got an adhesive magnet sheet at hand, so let’s use it.


5. We cut small squares and stick them to the back side of the printed photo.



Here we go.





As I visit various events and travel to different destinations, I always carry 60-70 magnets in my bag. I hand these magnets to museum workers, café administrators, etc.

If you are into wedding photography, drawing portraits, knitting… whatever… this type of promotion is very helpful. Your business card will be immediately forgotten, but 70% or even more of those to whom you gave your refrigerator magnets, will place them on their fridges.