Alex Markovich. Memory

During last four months he began seeing her in his dreams. Not often. Perhaps once a week.

But those were not just dreams. That was a totally different life, which he was living in a different world.

He did not even know Her name. Maybe in his dreams he was calling Her by name, but each time after waking up the name evaded his memory.

His whole focus became his nocturnal life, and he became resentful of his wife, his job, his friends, and everything else about his normal daytime existence.

Once he shared his dreams with a friend.

The friend could offer no help, and he did not want to go to a shrink or a medium – all this stuff he considered pure charlatanism.

But the dreams did not stop. Now she began coming to him in his dreams every night; and those were not just separate episodes: They became a second life.

His wife became suspicious that he’s got somebody else, to which he responded jokingly: “Oh, yeah! In my dreams”, which was the truth.

He began to confuse his real life with his dreams.

One morning he woke up and could not understand where he was. Strange apartment. Strange furniture.

Why am I not with Lina? Where is she? What is this strange place? Did I drink too much yesterday? Oh, my God! Exactly! Yesterday I was at the restaurant with my colleagues, got drunk and…

Lina is gonna kill me!

A woman entered the room.

He pressed himself to the back of the bed, pulling the blanket over himself, like a fifteen year old teenager and his girlfriend being caught by his parents.

Who are you? How did I get here?

In ten minutes he was rushing to the nearest metro station.

I spent the whole night away from home. What will Lina say? May be she’s been looking for me?

When he passed the sixth station he realized he did not know and did not remember where Lina lives.

He jumped out on the next station all perplexed. Everything was odd, strange and weird to him.

He sat on the nearest bench and closed his eyes.

The first versions of Terra had many limitations to the number of players and characters.

The player could pick a character, create his own inner world and start playing.

The characters could then be used by other players in different game zones and even eras.

But at the moment the Programmers were working on the modified version of Terra and therefore were receiving so many complaints from the players. The reason was permanent failures with their characters. They simply hadn’t worked out all the «bugs» in the system.

The most frequent failure was character’s memory loss.

The character was very often “uploaded” a new memory. But being unable to stand such overloads many characters broke down and left the game of their own will.

It was so funny to watch that: what Creators called in their language “codes” residents of Terra wanted to idolize and worship.

The Terra character did not understand that all his “personality” consisted just of a number of recollections. If some of these “files” are deleted from his memory, the character will lose his place in the game.

He kept sitting at the stop. A few minutes later he stood up and directed his steps back to Her. To the One who was coming in his dreams.

Lina’s name was totally erased from his memory.

All other memories were also deleted.

She was already expecting him and did not even suspect that all her work, recent moving to Los-Angeles, purchasing of a new apartment and her current husband were nothing more than a new information uploaded into her memory.

In a while Lina will find her runaway, but he will be staring at her like seeing her for the first time. Obviously it will be true.

Lina will stay in the old Terra version and very soon will be erased.

And he and SHE will anyway have several memory replacements.

For Terra residents all the events will last for decades.

For the players of the external world all this would take just seconds.

Oh, resident of Terra! Have you ever thought that waking up in the morning, drinking coffee and kissing your wife before going to work, will be a final act?

Next morning you may spend in a different city or even country and with different people. And today’s coffee you will never be able to remember…