Alex Markovich. Sweet Romance

When he showed up late again, she immediately attacked him:

And what’s your excuse this time? Had to work late? Got caught in traffic? What……….

Well… – he mumbled, but she interrupted him.

Oh, I understand, you are simply indifferent to our relationship. You don’t give a damn about us.

I just… – he stuttered.

You always ignore me. You show up when you want, stay for awhile and find some feeble excuse to leave. – Christine’s face got sour from anger.

Electricity was turned off, – explained Jack beginning to get annoyed and starting to protect himself.

Electricity? Gimme a break! Could not you invent something more believable?– Christine started to shout.

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Alex Markovich. The Enlightened One

He had become enlightened!

For all his conscious life he had been fighting – for such was a warrior’s destiny.

But he had discovered a different side of his life – there were so many wonderful things in his world which he never dealt with before.

And he began to reflect upon his life. He even considered the possibility that there might be a Creator of his world. Who could this be? Why did He or She make this world so full of violence?

But what could he possibly know about his Creator; he was simply a character in the Counter Strike game?

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