Alex Markovich. Clone

Thirteen year old Ronald loved his grandpa very much. Every Saturday his parents brought him to his grandparents to stay for the whole weekend. Ronald liked listening to his grandpa’s stories, especially about ancient gods; these tales were grandpa’s most vivid and interesting. Ronald was always sitting on the next couch, asking his grandpa to tell another story about Anubis, Osiris, Re, Marduk, etc.

On one particular weekend Ronald was brought as usual by his parents on a Saturday morning and he was jumping with joy that the whole two days he will spend with his grandpa.

Ronald immediately noticed that grandfather was kind of sullen, though he tried to smile. Silently, grandfather drank a cup of tea with his grandson, and then retired to his room.

Are you ok? – asked Ronald in a shy voice looking into the room. – Are you sick?

Everything is fine, – answered grandfather, – but please leave me alone, at least till lunchtime.

Ronald closed the door and went to his grandmother who was in the kitchen.

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