Literary Postcards

An abstract from an interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia”. July 2018.

Literary postcards I divide into two categories. Pure literary postcards where I place only text (abstracts from my sci-fi stories), and text with illustrations (abstracts from my stories for children and teenagers). The second category is closer to artistic postcards.

I’ve been writing sci-fi since 2008.

30% of my stories are translated into various languages including the English language (I translate into English myself). Literary postcards are a very good means to promote your writing.

card platypus

I began creating literary postcards only this year when I started working on the novels “Marta’s Childhood” and “Marta’s Youth”. The novels narrate about an artist-girl who finally became a scene-designer of one of the theaters of Saint Petersburg, Russia. The events take place in 1970’s – 1990’s in the former USSR and modern Russia.

The novels are full of watercolor paintings (I’ve got hundreds of them as I’ve been painting since my childhood) which I think perfectly fit the plot of the story.


I send literary postcards for a donation of 10 USD. Some abstracts I translated into English, so my blog readers from other countries can have one.