Alex Markovich. Sweet Romance

When he showed up late again, she immediately attacked him:

And what’s your excuse this time? Had to work late? Got caught in traffic? What……….

Well… – he mumbled, but she interrupted him.

Oh, I understand, you are simply indifferent to our relationship. You don’t give a damn about us.

I just… – he stuttered.

You always ignore me. You show up when you want, stay for awhile and find some feeble excuse to leave. – Christine’s face got sour from anger.

Electricity was turned off, – explained Jack beginning to get annoyed and starting to protect himself.

Electricity? Gimme a break! Could not you invent something more believable?– Christine started to shout.

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Alex Markovich. The Enlightened One

He had become enlightened!

For all his conscious life he had been fighting – for such was a warrior’s destiny.

But he had discovered a different side of his life – there were so many wonderful things in his world which he never dealt with before.

And he began to reflect upon his life. He even considered the possibility that there might be a Creator of his world. Who could this be? Why did He or She make this world so full of violence?

But what could he possibly know about his Creator; he was simply a character in the Counter Strike game?

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Alex Markovich. 4F 4B 53 41 4E 41

This story is continuation of «Remark».

The world at the end of the 21st century got insane.

After the death of Robert, a “Divine Programmer”, his teaching lost any interest for the masses. The shepherd is dead – the sheep are scattered. Millions of Robert’s followers got disappointed.

Ken was triumphing. The application of the old machine codes to man’s psyche turned out to be not very complicated.

Ken did not crave power. Robert’s ex-wife paid him a goodly amount (she and her children had inherited some of his fortune), but Ken did not care about the money.

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Alex Markovich. Prophetic Dream

Ronald’s family was supposed to move to California from Connecticut. His dad was appointed to a new position, so the whole family had to move from the comfortable, familiar place of their birth.

One can not say that the members of the family were feeling any trepidation in regards to the upcoming move. Their new home was going to be California, and not that hot, humid Texas or Louisiana – those so called Bible belts states.

The whole family felt quite fortunate that in a relatively short period of time, dad was given an opportunity to advance his career, and to be invited to be on the Board of Directors of the bank. But these are just details, and our narration will be about a different matter.

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Alex Markovich. Basement

The door was still open.

But he was starting to realize that this door is not the exit, it’s the entrance.

In a few seconds the door slammed shut. He heard the keys turn twice in the lock. And afterwards just silence…

Harry did not understand where he was. Concrete walls, rough steps, somewhere in a distance there is something shimmering which looked like the light from a bulb.

Harry decided to start walking to the source of light.

His surroundings reminded him of the basement of an apartment block building.

Harry could not understand how he happened to be here. He appeared to be experiencing a memory blackout.

All that Harry did remember was that yesterday he had been at Audrey’s, and they had a quarrel.

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Alex Markovich. Program

It’s been almost twelve months since I had a chance to chat with one of the Creators. I was pondering his words, sharing what I heard from him with my friends. After a few such sessions, I noticed that when I related the words of the Creator, it was evoking a rather unusual, but common, response: they became very agitated, and actually started to avoid me. I’m sure that all of you have experienced such a feeling at one time or another.

And I must tell you, even my wife began exhibiting a similar response when I tried to discuss the matter with her – very strange behaviour!

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Alex Markovich. Village

The residents of the little village had not the slightest suspicion that very soon the world as they knew it would abruptly end, without a shred of evidence that it had ever existed.

If one were to ask any dweller of this village who he is, where he came from and what expectations he/she had for the future – he/she either would not, or more likely, could not answer any of these questions. Their pat response was, that the mission of the first one is to be a farmer, the second one – a cattle-breeder, the third one – a blacksmith, and so on.

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Alex Markovich. New Life

He woke up when somebody was staring at him. Joshua opened his eyes. Near his bed was standing she – android of the latest model, TESS 1206, which Joshua bought three weeks ago.

What do you want?– mumbled Joshua.

I am just admiring how you’re sleeping, Mister Brent, – answered TESS 1206.

Damn! Get lost!– bellowed Joshua.

TESS 1206 disappeared.

For the latest 18 months the world news have been narrating about strange behaviour of androids. No, there was no jeopardy from their side – on the contrary – these half-machines half-humans were projecting a sort of extreme amorousness.

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Alex Markovich. Muse

For two years he had painted nothing.

To be exact, there were some orders from the clients – but those were mainly portraits. That was of necessity, not inspiration.

Clark constantly was recollecting that day when he finished drawing his masterpiece.

In the span of five days Clark became world famous. His picture, which he dedicated to his dearest woman, who recently left him, was honoured with many rewards from the Arts Academy; interviews to the top TV world channels, endless exhibitions – being 33 Clark could never have dreamt of such acclaim.

He was just a regular artist: no titles, no awards, no regalia. Not even an exhibition. A hundred bucks for a picture was about the best he could hope for.

And suddenly… Not going into details, as it happens with creative people, inspiration has come.

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Alex Markovich. Food of the Gods


That was his second coming into the “game zone”.

Coming into Terra world a new comer was equal to all the human characters inhabiting this world. He /She had no memory of the fact that he, as a «Creator» (God) helped create this world.

The newcomers who were in Terra for the first time knew nothing about their external world origin, as during their first stay they had to totally adapt to the game zone with no distractions, or prior knowledge of their origins.

Those who were coming subsequent to the initial visit, were aware that they are from the higher world. They were even allowed to use some of their skills which were viewed as supernatural on Terra.


His name in the Terra language was Roy. It was his second coming into the game zone.

In his upper world he was one of the greatest Programmers. He was the one who designed “sacrificial energy” being emitted by human beings.

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