Alex Markovich. Terra VIII

The High god was in a rage. How he hated the Programmers! It was they, who two thousand years ago had insisted on the whole reboot of the system, and it was due to them that mankind began using new chronology and began to worship one of the Programmers and forgot the High god. Now the Programmers decided again to get back to the old stuff: a new project with the code name “Terra VIII” was approved by the Council.

The High god also hated the Council. It was the Council which insisted that the Programmers should have the right to participate. But it was he, god of gods, known to mankind under different names, the founder and creator of the magnificent project called “Terra”. None of the Programmers and members of the Council dedicated themselves to the project with any enthusiasm. And none of the human beings, the beloved creation of the High god, knew even one Programmer or member of the Council by name; with the exception of that imposter, who tried to prove to the Creators, that the Programmers are worthy of worship too. But the names of the High god and other Creators are still known to many people.

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