Artistic Postcards

An abstract from an interview of Alex Markovich for “Radio of Russia”. July 2018.

I’ve been involved into various postcards projects since 2014. It has nothing to do with postcrossing. I’ve been sending postcards with my photos, paintings, and stories to various parts of the world.

I would divide the postcards I create into two categories: artistic postcards and literary postcards.

Let’s talk about artistic postcards.


I am a strong advocate that artworks we create should have some sort of application. Almost everyone takes pictures but very few people print them. Many of us draw or paint but most of these pictures are hidden in our table drawers. Well, there is Instagram where we show our works but this is just digital presentation.

By the time I had arranged dozens of exhibitions in various parts of Russia and other places of the world, I had a feeling that my pictures (paintings and printed photos) should be accessible to a bigger number of people, including my blog readers. Postcards format was the best solution.

In my artistic postcards I show various places of Russia, in most cases it is rural Russia or old town buildings.

It is either photographs


or watercolor paintings.


Some postcards I send for free, some cards I mail for a donation of 10 USD (most people donate more than ten dollars to support my artistic projects). I also had a few sponsors who placed their logos on the front side of a postcard.

DIY: Refrigerator magnets to promote your art

An abstract from the talk of Alex Markovich to the students of Art College (Belgorod, Russia). September 2018.

The idea to make refrigerator magnets to promote my art came to me four years ago, in 2014. Let me show how I do it.  I will use my paintings as an example.

1. I scan my paintings. It’s easy to it when it is watercolor, pastels, pencil, etc. If it is oil, photograph your pictures.

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